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Portland Veterinary Wellness Center

Sedated Pet Exams & Procedures

Does your pet hate coming to the doctor? Do they hate having their nails trimmed, bath time, or other general activities?


Does your pet suffer from situational, chronic, or separation anxiety? Do they bark, pant, scratch, or worse – get into or destroy house-hold items when you’re away, hear loud noises, or interact with other humans or animals?

What we offer?

Here at Portland Veterinary Wellness Center, we know how stressful – and heartbreaking – this can be for both you and your pet! We believe this stress – if unaddressed – can create barriers to building life-long bonds with our furry friends, as well as prevent pets from receiving the quality medical care they deserve. We are here to help! As a partner in your pets care, our experienced and compassionate Veterinarians and caring Support Staff are hear to listen and help provide possible resolutions to help you and your pet. We offer a wide variety of safe and effective anxiety medications, supplements, and alternatives. We understand that not all pets are the same, and strive to provide customized treatment plans to best address each and client and pets individual needs.

If you are struggling to understand and manage your pets anxiety, aggression or other odd behavior, please give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We want you to know there are options, and we are here to help!