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Portland Veterinary Wellness Center

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How Veterinary Technician Care Plays An Important Role In My Pet's Care

Veterinary technicians at Portland Veterinary Wellness Center can help your pet

At PVWC, we believe qualified veterinary technicians and assistants providing services such as vaccinations, annual heartworm & fecal testing, and nutritional counseling allows us to be more available to the pets and pet owners in our community. We believe that when these qualified professionals are allowed to practice at the highest level of their skill and ability - always in alignment with local/state/federal guidelines - Veterinary teams, pets and pet owners ALL benefit! Veterinary Technicians & Assistants at PVWC operate as an extension, and under the direct supervision of, our licensed Veterinarians to provide services such as:

  • Nose-To-Tail Visual & Physical Technician Exam. This includes collecting your pet's Temperature, Heart Rate, and Respiratory Rate for abnormalities 

  • Administering Vaccinations, as recommended by the Veterinarian

  • Administering Oral and Injectable medications, as prescribed by the Veterinarian 

  • Administering most non-surgical medical treatments and services, as recommended by the Veterinarian. This includes diagnostic lab work, radiographs, and fluid therapy 

  • Evaluating, Monitoring and Advocating for Pain Management when indicated

  • Routine Medical Rechecks, when indicated as appropriate by the Veterinarian

Per Oregon law, if your pet has been examined by a licensed Veterinarian at PVWC within 12 months, you may schedule a Technician Appointment for any of the above services. If your pet is sick, injured or experiencing new or ongoing symptoms, please understand that your pet will need a Doctor's Exam for full evaluation and treatment. Technician Appointments should be limited to routine services for overall (or improving) healthy pets. 

Meet the Technician Team at PVWC!